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    gargantuan definition: The definition of gargantuan is enormous or gigantic. (adjective) A foot high mountain of chocolate bars would be an example of a gargantuan amount of chocolate.
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    Gargantuan Music is an award-winning independent music production library specialising in high end music and sound design for trailers, promos and advertising. We work with a world class team of composers and producers to bring you exceptional music for your productions. Our music and sound design has been featured in thousands of trailers, advertising campaigns and TV shows!
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    Gargantuan Music Human, released 25 November 1. Human 2. Human INSTRUMENTAL 3. Dreamer 4. New Worlds 5. My Hope 6. Freedom Cry 7. The Mist, The Wind, The Trees, The Sun 8. Pandora 9. The Journey The Journey ACAPELLA After The Battle Enchanted Valley Desert Ops Burning Sun Dark Forces.
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    This release presents the long awaited debut of The War of the Gargantuas on DVD outside of Japan along with the first occurrence of the Japanese version of the movie Rodan seen in the States. The set is a bargain too, considering its cheap retail price for what is essentially two movies and two different edits of .
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    HORDES: Gargantuans brings you the next thrilling chapter of the HORDES saga. Bulk up your game with: • Powerful new gargantuans—giant warbeasts that tower over armies and bring all-new strategies to the table. • New warlocks for each faction, including the first-ever warlock units. • New units and solos to expand HORDES armies.
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    Gargantuas synonyms, Gargantuas pronunciation, Gargantuas translation, English dictionary definition of Gargantuas. n. A person of great size or stature and of voracious physical or intellectual appetites. n a gigantic king noted for his great capacity for food and drink.
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    The To Do List has grown to gargantuan size and I'm not even making a dent in it at the moment.: Growth of such gargantuan proportions, however, invites a corresponding magnification in risk exposure.: While being scrutinised by a gargantuan grouper and innumerable smaller fish, I became aware of a more thrilling presence.: His vulgar displays of vanity while in the house were truly gargantuan.
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    gargantuan definition: 1. very large: 2. very large: 3. very large. Learn more.